IT Consulting

Setup your IT infrastructure with ease

We don't do just web hosting and website design. We can assist you with general IT consulting, including the setup of hardware, networking and software based on your business needs.

IT Consulting

Building or upgrading a new clinic or business?

If you're located in the Lower Mainland, we can help you with a variety of IT consultation services at a competitive cost compared to larger IT firms. We primarily help clients such as medical clinics, accountants, dental offices and small law firms that need to upgrade their existing hardware to function with particular software.


We know your business wants to control costs, but get exceptional service. We can provide you an all-in project quote based on our assessment of your needs and requirements, with only 50% due upfront. For smaller projects, we can offer hourly rates.

We don't force any minimum commitment or recurring monthly fees.

We provide discounts if you choose to host your business website or engage us for a web site design in addition to your IT project.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure if we're right for you? Take a look at our answers to popular questions that our customers ask us before ordering.

Where do you offer IT consulting services?

We are located in Surrey, BC, so we can physically service businesses located in the Lower Mainland. However, if you just need consulting/troubleshooting without on-site support, we can still connect by any video communication platform regardless of location.

How does payment work?

For consulting services, we generally provide a project-based quote. 50% of the quote is due upfront, while the remaining 50% will be due upon project completion.

What payment methods are accepted?

We accept all major credit cards, e-transfer and cheques. We do charge GST on all services provided for Canadian customers.

I don't know what equipment we need

Not to worry, we have experience recommending the right hardware for your specific business needs based on availability and your budget from major retailers, including Costco and Best Buy.

I'm building a new space and need guidance

During a new build, you may be using an internet service provider such as Telus or Shaw to wire your business. We can offer suggestions on best practices including routers, switches, wifi access points and configuring security that the major ISPs don’t normally configure for you.

When should I contact you?

It’s always best to contact us as early as possible before your project deadline, since sourcing equipment and deciding your needs may take a number of weeks. The more lead time we have, the better chance you can secure equipment at a competitive price.

What are your web hosting and web site design plans?

At the moment, we provide custom quotes based on your specific business needs. For prepackaged web hosting solutions, we recommend looking at the plans offered by our sister companies, ExcellentHost and

What kind of support do you provide?

As a small outfit, we don’t provide 24/7 support to keep costs low for our customers. Instead, we are accessible during normal business hours by WhatsApp or email. We also offer a toll-free phone support option at additional cost.

What are examples of projects you've completed?

We’ve worked on a number of projects for local businesses such as: medical clinics (full IT infrastructure sourcing, setup and configuration); charitable organizations (full web site design using WordPress and web hosting) and law firms (branding and full WordPress-based web site design with custom step-by-step forms).

Do I need to sign a contract?

For our projects, we do require customers sign an agreement and provide a deposit before we commence work. However, we don’t force any recurring fees or long-term commitments unlike many other IT consulting companies.

Experienced since 2004

Premiumhost is a brand of Cian Technologies Inc., a well-established, trusted company operating for over 20 years. We provide a variety of integrated, cost-effective IT solutions, including web hosting, web design and general consulting services.

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